Sunday, January 25, 2015

My daughters

Today I will introduce you to ourbeautiful daughters. Our oldest is four, then we have a 2 year old and then there is our 5 month old! You can say our hands are full :). 
This would be our oldest. She is so smart and loves to learn! She is such a wonderful BIG sister. She has so much love in her heart and it shines through everyday. 

Here is our middle baby, our 2 year old. She is full of spunk and has energy that never slows down! She also is a great BIG sister! she promoted to this spot in August of 2014!  
And last but not least our 5 month old. She is such a joy and such a easy going baby! She definitely has her daddy wrapped around his finger! How could she not with those big blue eyes!!! :)
( Also I LOVE taking photos!!! I have 2 DSLR cameras( hubs bought me a nikon d7000 which i absolutely love too )  and have been working on taking photos since 2010. I'm still learning each and every day. I do a little photo business on the side for fun.)
So there are our girls. You will get to know them along my journey on here as well since they are a BIG part of our lives and we love them tons!