Monday, April 20, 2015

Ammie and Popi come to visit

April 9th my parents came from Washington state to visit for 10 days. We haven't seen them for over a year and it was a great visit! Here are some pictures with the grandkids.
 I absolutely love this shot of all of them together. They sure do love there Ammie and Popi!
 The girls on their new bikes that Ammie and Popi bought them. They were so excited!
This was there first time meeting baby. Baby K was 6 months in this picture.
She took right to them as well. Which was awesome. I figured she was going to be a little afraid but not one bit!
We definitely had a busy but fun weekend. We went to Bush Gardens, The jump house, shopping. And even daddy and mommy got 2 date nights ! We haven't had a date night in over a year and a half.
It was super nice to be able to spend time with him.