Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vacation Bound

We just got a phone call from the parents the other night. The conversation we had was a bitter/sweet one. My grandma is going to be visiting my sister and parents at the end of July. She is 86 years old and has been extremely healthy! Never had issues, always have something planned to do every single night of the week. You could not keep up with her! Until early this year. As of today she has already been admitted 4 times due to heart issues. Long story short she has never met our 3rd daughter and really have only met the other 2 girls once. She is wanting to see them so bad. So my parents decided they were going to fly us up there that way my grandma can meet her grand babies! At the same time this may be the last time I ever get to see my grandma. We are extremely excited to get back home! Its been over 1 1/2 years since we have seen family and friends and we are extremely excited to see my grandma. We have a lot to do in 3 weeks, you know how events come quickly and we have not told the girls yet! They will be so excited when they find out the day of that we are getting on an air plane to see family! The hubby has to get back home sometime in the middle of August but I plan on staying there with the girls for a couple months! Were taking full advantage of this opportunity of seeing family and friends.